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Mr. Thadeo Mutembei, The School Director.

St. Matthew's Secondary School is a co-educational Non-Government Boarding school located at Kongowe, Kipala Village, along the Kilwa Road in Mkuranga District - Pwani. The school is situated on attractively landscaped by tall trees approximately 19 kilometers from Dar es Salaam city centre. St Matthew's Secondary School is full registered under the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Tanzania, (Reg. No. S.932).

The school offers secondary education for both O level (Form I to Form IV) and A level (Form V to Form VI). The school has facilities necessary to enhance learning environment for students at both levels: The school has highly qualified, experienced and competent teaching staff, conducive learning and teaching environment; well equipped library; science laboratory; play grounds. Currently the school has a total number of about 2500 students, 102 highly motivated teachers and 150 non-teaching staff.


The school has lived to its motto we are for education standards because ever since it started it has ensured that all students pass at both levels. The school is very proud of its visible academic achievements especially in the past National examinations.

The results achieved are encouraging due to the fact that the school does not specialize in enrolling highest performers only. This is to say that the entry status of our student may be very low and yet the outcome is impressive. This is attributed to the great devotion of the teachers, the facilities offered by the owners, the excellent teaching environment to mention but a few.


The school has very well trained, motivated and experienced staff to deliver the right knowledge and skills to the students.The school has enough teachers all the time to teach the students.

Experienced teachers are more effective in raising student achievement than their less experienced counterparts. This happens not just because experienced teachers are more likely to work in schools and classrooms with more advantaged students. It is true that, experienced teachers are more effective than teachers with fewer years of classroom experience.


Each year the director of the school mr. Thadeo Mutembei offers vacation tour sponsorship for teachers to go in Dubai. As part of the sponsorships during the trip each teacher is offered a chance to buy a new car, new laptop and other necessary materials used for teaching. This is a kind of teachers motivation which is not offered anywhere at any other school within the United Republic of Tanzania. The school is very concerning about the teachers’ life.


The school science laboratories have the best facilities available to its students, which makes it different from the other schools in the United Republic of Tanzania.

The school has the modern computer laboratory equipped with modern LCD computers which helps students to increase their ICT skills,

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